“Aneri” is a Gujarati name, which means unconventional, unprecedented and something out of this world. So true to the meaning of her name, was our “Aneri,” daughter of Falgun and Aarti Desai. In 2007, at the age of eight, her body surrendered to leukemia. It would be unfair to her spirit to say that she lost a battle.

Because something lost is consigned to oblivion. But Aneri and her journey poured life into us, inspired us and enlightened us. We met some wonderful people and made some eternal bonds throughout this journey. After Aneri, we knew we had to give back to the society the immense love we were fortunate enough to receive. Aneri ignited the fire within us. The fire to do more, to give more and to live some more. Aneri Desai Welfare Trust is based solely on this principle.

Since the last 8 years, Aneri Desai Welfare Trust, has been working tirelessly in providing medical and educational aid to necessitous and underprivileged.

The trust has tied up with various medical institutions and agencies and works towards ensuring that needy patients suffering from various diseases are not dprived of medical treatment and facilities because of lack of financial resources. 25 patients have been recovered from the trust so far.